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Jul. 8th, 2006 @ 11:10 am hell hath no power then that of a womens scorn
Current Mood: bouncyintrigued
uknowuluvme208 (11:10:29 PM): Hey girlfriend

Auto response from iPod Lisa (11:10:29 PM): hey, I'm lazy and didn't put my away message up and didn't come back to the computer. Or I was hastily called upon and haven't returned. Please leave a message.

uknowuluvme208 (11:12:15 PM): Hey gi 7
uknowuluvme208 (11:12:21 PM): girly**
uknowuluvme208 (11:12:30 PM): u my homeslice
uknowuluvme208 (11:14:07 PM): TALK LOSER
iPod Lisa (11:40:52 PM): ugh.
iPod Lisa (11:40:56 PM): I was preoccupied.
iPod Lisa (11:40:58 PM): yes?
uknowuluvme208 (11:41:04 PM): no
iPod Lisa (11:41:17 PM): ...
iPod Lisa (11:41:29 PM): yes, as in what did you bother me for?
uknowuluvme208 (11:41:45 PM): we werent bothering u... we just want to talk
uknowuluvme208 (11:41:50 PM): women to women
uknowuluvme208 (11:41:57 PM): or women to man
iPod Lisa (11:42:06 PM): as in your the man.
uknowuluvme208 (11:42:15 PM): no u idiot
uknowuluvme208 (11:42:17 PM): geeze
iPod Lisa (11:42:21 PM): ...
iPod Lisa (11:42:24 PM): you're pathetic.
uknowuluvme208 (11:42:28 PM): thanks
iPod Lisa (11:42:38 PM): I'm sure it's a compliment to you.
uknowuluvme208 (11:42:41 PM): burn... i need some ointment for that one
iPod Lisa (11:43:00 PM): pathetic was too nice.
uknowuluvme208 (11:43:08 PM): k thanks
iPod Lisa (11:43:14 PM): welcome.
iPod Lisa (11:43:17 PM): actually, you're not.
iPod Lisa (11:43:24 PM): you're ungrateful.
uknowuluvme208 (11:43:46 PM): nad u have unibrow
uknowuluvme208 (11:43:55 PM): and*
iPod Lisa (11:43:59 PM): nad?
iPod Lisa (11:44:22 PM): are you talking to yourself?
iPod Lisa (11:44:30 PM): I was talking about you - then you interject.
iPod Lisa (11:44:38 PM): how rude.
uknowuluvme208 (11:44:53 PM): its only cute with stephanie says it
uknowuluvme208 (11:44:54 PM): dont try
iPod Lisa (11:45:02 PM): ...
iPod Lisa (11:45:06 PM): I don't quite follow.
iPod Lisa (11:45:12 PM): much like most of the stuff you say.
uknowuluvme208 (11:45:34 PM): cause u arent smart enought o understand u dop
iPod Lisa (11:46:07 PM): at least I'm smart enough to type with correct spelling in sentences.
iPod Lisa (11:46:12 PM): that was barely understandable.
uknowuluvme208 (11:46:25 PM): so i failed a few grades so what
iPod Lisa (11:46:31 PM): that's quite obvious.
uknowuluvme208 (11:46:37 PM): it was a joke
iPod Lisa (11:46:42 PM): no, it wasn't.
uknowuluvme208 (11:46:46 PM): oh and it doesnt matter how u talk online idiot
iPod Lisa (11:46:59 PM): I'm sure you talk no different in real life.
uknowuluvme208 (11:47:33 PM): no one cares what u think
iPod Lisa (11:47:50 PM): I didn't say what I thought.
iPod Lisa (11:47:52 PM): that was a fact.
iPod Lisa (11:47:55 PM): a statement.
iPod Lisa (11:47:58 PM): not a thought.
uknowuluvme208 (11:48:14 PM): good cause we don't fuckin give a shit hell yeah i said it
iPod Lisa (11:48:22 PM): said what?
iPod Lisa (11:48:25 PM): you swore for once?
iPod Lisa (11:48:30 PM): bet you're proud.
uknowuluvme208 (11:48:38 PM): i can swear i am not an idiot
iPod Lisa (11:48:45 PM): that's up for debate.
uknowuluvme208 (11:49:06 PM): bring it on i am not afraid of u just ur unibrow
iPod Lisa (11:49:21 PM): what exactly are you talking about?
uknowuluvme208 (11:49:29 PM): u have a unibrow
iPod Lisa (11:49:31 PM): I don't have a unibrow - you must've looked into the mirror.
uknowuluvme208 (11:49:36 PM): hair where it isnt supposed to be
iPod Lisa (11:49:49 PM): you have fat where it isn't supposed to be.
iPod Lisa (11:50:04 PM): how exactly do you know what I look like?
iPod Lisa (11:50:11 PM): and I don't have a unibrow.
iPod Lisa (11:50:24 PM): I'll fucking prove it to you.
uknowuluvme208 (11:50:30 PM): k
iPod Lisa (11:50:55 PM): ask tyler if you can meet him up somewhere tomorrow.
iPod Lisa (11:50:59 PM): and I'll show you.
uknowuluvme208 (11:51:14 PM): why the hell would i want to be seen with u
iPod Lisa (11:51:20 PM): you're right.
uknowuluvme208 (11:51:24 PM): i no
iPod Lisa (11:51:27 PM): you'd look like shit in comparison.
iPod Lisa (11:52:22 PM): going to consult the insult book?
iPod Lisa (11:52:26 PM): or did you run out already?
uknowuluvme208 (11:52:43 PM): u can stop talking now
iPod Lisa (11:52:46 PM): nahh.
uknowuluvme208 (11:52:47 PM): that would be great
iPod Lisa (11:52:55 PM): you started it.
iPod Lisa (11:53:00 PM): you're dealing with it.
uknowuluvme208 (11:53:12 PM): bring it on uni
iPod Lisa (11:53:20 PM): okay fatass.
uknowuluvme208 (11:53:38 PM): so what if i have a big butt
iPod Lisa (11:53:46 PM): that's not all that's big.
uknowuluvme208 (11:54:03 PM): my feeet aree to i admit it
iPod Lisa (11:54:13 PM): you mean thighs, I presume.
iPod Lisa (11:54:17 PM): or stomach.
iPod Lisa (11:54:18 PM): or arms.
iPod Lisa (11:54:20 PM): or ego.
uknowuluvme208 (11:54:28 PM): ego
iPod Lisa (11:54:36 PM): need the definition?
iPod Lisa (11:54:44 PM): no, it's not eggo, fatty.
iPod Lisa (11:54:48 PM): not the waffles.
iPod Lisa (11:55:13 PM): and that wasn't multiple choice.
iPod Lisa (11:55:21 PM): it was more of an all of the above question.
uknowuluvme208 (11:55:55 PM): k
iPod Lisa (11:57:15 PM): isn't it past your bed time?
iPod Lisa (11:57:21 PM): don't you need your beauty sleep?
iPod Lisa (11:57:25 PM): you have a lot of work to do.
uknowuluvme208 (11:57:39 PM): we cant get any more beautiful
iPod Lisa (11:57:50 PM): hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah ahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhah ahahahahahahahahahahah.
iPod Lisa (11:57:51 PM): thanks.
iPod Lisa (11:57:56 PM): I needed a good laugh.
uknowuluvme208 (11:57:59 PM): well that was immature
iPod Lisa (11:58:12 PM): nah.
iPod Lisa (11:58:14 PM): it was truthful.
uknowuluvme208 (11:58:27 PM): ur just stupid
iPod Lisa (11:58:30 PM): or not.
uknowuluvme208 (11:58:33 PM): shut the fuck up ok
uknowuluvme208 (11:58:36 PM): gosh
iPod Lisa (11:58:36 PM): nahhh.
iPod Lisa (11:58:38 PM): I'd rather not.
uknowuluvme208 (11:58:39 PM): ur getting really annyoing
uknowuluvme208 (11:58:43 PM): do u really have any friends
iPod Lisa (11:58:44 PM): your point?
uknowuluvme208 (11:58:46 PM): or just tyler
iPod Lisa (11:58:48 PM): nah.
uknowuluvme208 (11:58:49 PM): i bet u dont
iPod Lisa (11:58:52 PM): I have lots of friends.
iPod Lisa (11:58:54 PM): wanna make a bet?
uknowuluvme208 (11:58:59 PM): thats a good one
uknowuluvme208 (11:59:08 PM): hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha hahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahaha hhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhah ahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahah ahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahha hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahah
iPod Lisa (11:59:11 PM): no.
uknowuluvme208 (11:59:12 PM): thanks i needed a good lugh
iPod Lisa (11:59:13 PM): not funny.
uknowuluvme208 (11:59:14 PM): laugh*
iPod Lisa (11:59:16 PM): nah.
uknowuluvme208 (11:59:18 PM): sound familiar
iPod Lisa (11:59:19 PM): doesn't work.
iPod Lisa (11:59:30 PM): no, I don't look like an ass when I do it.
iPod Lisa (11:59:33 PM): sorry.
uknowuluvme208 (11:59:41 PM): u look like an ass all the time
uknowuluvme208 (11:59:43 PM): sorry
iPod Lisa (11:59:48 PM): you smell like an ass all the time.
uknowuluvme208 (11:59:57 PM): at least i am not on
uknowuluvme208 (11:59:59 PM): one*
iPod Lisa (12:00:10 AM): that's argumentitive.
uknowuluvme208 (12:00:16 AM): k
iPod Lisa (12:00:49 AM): I'm glad you agree.
iPod Lisa (12:00:59 AM): you DO have potential to be smart.
uknowuluvme208 (12:01:11 AM): I am smart thank u very much
iPod Lisa (12:01:16 AM): ...
iPod Lisa (12:01:17 AM): not.
iPod Lisa (12:01:18 AM): really.
iPod Lisa (12:01:48 AM): you're smart compared to an egg plant.
iPod Lisa (12:01:58 AM): or any other vegtable of your choice.
uknowuluvme208 (12:02:38 AM): just because u are smart doesnt mean u need an ultra big ego and be rude to every person who talks o u
uknowuluvme208 (12:02:41 AM): to*
iPod Lisa (12:02:51 AM): yeah it does.
iPod Lisa (12:02:57 AM): it gives me full bragging rights.
uknowuluvme208 (12:03:13 AM): i am smart but i dont act like a bitch to everyone
iPod Lisa (12:03:14 AM): I'm definitely not ashamed of my intellegence.
iPod Lisa (12:03:24 AM): I bet.
uknowuluvme208 (12:03:36 AM): honestly maybe if u were nice u would have at least 2 friends
iPod Lisa (12:03:58 AM): you forgot the five zeros after the two.
iPod Lisa (12:04:07 AM): you mean 200000.
uknowuluvme208 (12:04:10 AM): imaginary doesnt count
iPod Lisa (12:04:21 AM): please explain how that made sense.
iPod Lisa (12:04:29 AM): two hundred thousand is a number.
iPod Lisa (12:04:31 AM): it's not imaginary.
iPod Lisa (12:04:36 AM): or can you not count that high?
uknowuluvme208 (12:04:42 AM): i meant imaginary friends stupid
uknowuluvme208 (12:04:46 AM): i thought u were smart
uknowuluvme208 (12:04:49 AM): guess not
iPod Lisa (12:04:57 AM): you would know all about imaginary friends, I'm positive.
uknowuluvme208 (12:05:04 AM): I do
iPod Lisa (12:05:05 AM): aren't you hanging with one right now?
uknowuluvme208 (12:05:05 AM): k bye
iPod Lisa (12:05:09 AM): later!
iPod Lisa (12:05:12 AM): thank God.
uknowuluvme208 is away at 12:05:17 AM.
uknowuluvme208 signed off at 12:05:17 AM.
uknowuluvme208 signed on at 12:05:48 AM.
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Jun. 19th, 2006 @ 08:22 pm i dunno
well lately nothing has happened, i went to some outside buffet for fathers day and my cousin is really stupid and gay cuz he thinks he goth when hes 10 and he tells everyone he is 11 so hes gonna get a b-day this thursday for him turnign 12, thank god im getting my expander, im really bored and just want to sit and play video games and watch movies but what ever, i wish that naruto was on and yea i guess thats about it
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May. 30th, 2006 @ 08:28 pm my 4 day weekend
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
well i turned 14, got a cell and well we put in all the boats (2) and the seadoo and we all went out on it and chased eachother and then i was flying kites with my competitive cousin and he was haha mines higher and mine had more string so my went higher so he basically lost and was winding his string and then he drops the string and all u hear is OH CRAP from my cuz IT WAS SO FUNNY AND MY SIS SAID THAT MY GRANDPA SAID HES WAS GONNA LOSE IT AND THEN HI DID LOL and then these people on a boat are like LOOK ANOTHER ONE, OH THERES 2, A RED ONE AND A BLUE ONE,


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Apr. 16th, 2006 @ 08:34 pm me my self golf-cart chris and the crazy maniac
Current Mood: contentcontent
ok so its about 7 when i go to chris's house and we start to ride the golf cart when this guys turns out just as we do and is in front of us (ok i think,parentheses mean im think,just some regular guy ya' kno) oh no! he kept turning around and looking at us and swirving like we're racing. chris is like "i think he wants to race", " yea i think he does " i said. so chris rev his engine twice but we didnt really race cuz we were goin to ians. WELL THE GUY WAS TALKIN TO THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED BY IAN!, so ian wasnt home and we got back in the golf cart and drove by the guy, and he looks at us and gets in his golf-cart and starts following us, chirs is like shit im thinkin (am i gonna get raped? damnit of all the times to have nothing to fight with) so chirs floors it down a pot-hole filled and dirt-rocky road into some girls driveway chris knew her though. well, she made us leave (damn now i am gonna get raped by some maniac on a better golfcart) but chris is like dude we lost we lost him, so we go around the bend to where the speed bump are and hes at the end of that street! (shit shit shit, damnit, fuck fucker bitch) im like chris holy shit hes down there chris is like fuck and goes to turn the GC into reverse but it suks at shifting (big time people) so of cours it auto-shuts off (now we are dead, and im suprised that the guy didnt hear it cuz the thing is louder then king-kong roaring) so chris turns it on and hits reverse, shuts off, does like 3 times more, and finally works and chris does marvelously if i spelled it right at driving back around the bend,(hes such a crazy driver, but damn hes agood one in a pinch)so we go back and drive around to the other road with pot-holes where some guy with a crow bar keeos standing on his breath looking at us so we drive around that and on our way back to the end back into the neighbor hood we see the guy abd we come out behind him and he is swirving like no other and all of a sudden chris goes, HOLD ON!, I WHITE KNUCKLE THE SEAT AND WINDSHIELD AND HE JUST SPINS AROUND LIKE SHIT (IM GONNA FALL OUT,BUT WAIT! NO I WONT, CHRIS, UR A SAINT)HE GOES THE OTHER WAY AND CHRIS IS LIKE WE NEED TO HIDE SO CHIRS GOES SUPER TURN TO BEHIND THE SHED OF AN ABANDONED HOUSE WHERE WE ALMOST GO RIGHT DOWN THE HILL, WE JUMP OUT AND GO BEHIND THE GC AND WE SEE THE GUY DRIVE RIGHT BY US ( OHH WHAT NOW BITCH U GOT OWNED) SO THEN WE SPEED OUT AND GO BACK HOME AND DRIVE AROUND CHRIS'S HOUSE CUZ CHRIS HAD TO POOP SO I KEPT WATCH AND TOLD CHRIS I WOULD HOOT SO I WAIT AND WATCH.....DUN DUN DUNNN...I SEE HIM AND IM LIKE HOOT HOOT HOOOOOT HOOOTIE HOOOTIE HOOT HOOT...OH HOT HOT CHICKS NO JK, I ADDED THAT PART.



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Mar. 19th, 2006 @ 10:14 am yes everyone i am alive
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: anything
hello and salutations, well anyways here is what happened on friday:

ok wel lets start with choir tyler hamway is all like, "you're making fun of the tenor section, and you're singing in it" so after like 3 hours of kids screaming ooh you need sunbun for that burn, i was like "tyler, how am i insulting the tenor section? hmmm,? back that up for me?" of course theres silence going on now, so im like "oh thats right you cant!?" he comes back with some mumble like " you're so retarded" all quiet like , im like "im not the one who cant back up what i said, now am !?" ughh and then in german we are making postcards and the taecher NEVER HELPS ME! honestly i could sit there the whole class period with my hand raised and she would never see it, and i lost my rubric and so wont give me another one, so i barely got 2 postcards made in this week cuz i spent 3 days trying to get her to give me input so i came up with one half-assed in class today and all of a sudden shes like you need to staple your rubrc to the postcards, thats a point deduction for me, it needs to be the other persons address, point deduction again, but anyways that was all the news for now
o o o, when you put mentos on a 2 liter of coke or pepsi, it like explodes
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Mar. 15th, 2006 @ 09:12 pm its ok everyone
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: melt with you
hey guys havent been on in hmm i dunno forever but i dont have time to write cuz american idol is on so i gost to watch dat
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Mar. 4th, 2006 @ 10:49 am (no subject)
hello all i havent been on for awhile but yea i love myspace lol
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Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 06:42 pm (no subject)
hey jenni where did you find that what cat are you quiz, could you find it for me please
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Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 06:39 pm quizzes galore to get out of my myspace
ok well there were like 3 other quizzes, but they wont show up srry
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Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 06:37 pm quizzes galore to get out of my myspace
.. You scored as XBOX.




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